Monday, August 8, 2011

More WCK Los Banos....

Mark's 57 Lincoln.  This pre-dates the forming of the Headhunters.  Mark and I had just met about 6 months prior and we all camped together with the whole Garza clan..

I do not know who owned this Buick, but I believe Tom painted it..

Tom Herrera's (Diablo)Pontiac

My post the other day sure stirred up some of the good times from the past...  For those that don't know, West Coast Kustoms used to do the Cruisin Nationals in Los Banos, Ca on Labor Day weekend.  If you really want to go back, the Santa Maria show from Paso Robles actually started out that direction at Casa de Fruita.  Anyway, this show was one of my highlights of the year.  I was lucky to live near Paso, so this drive was really kool, and I don't mean"cool".   I would usually leave Santa Maria on Thursday nght, and drive to King City for the night.  That way, I could leave King City early to get over Pacheco Pass before the ass crack of noon.  I remember wearing newer Levis one time on that drive over and stained the heck out of my white interior (body heat=sweat=dark colors bleed).