Monday, June 4, 2012

Eagle Field in May...

I know everybody is still on a high from the WCK Santa Maria 2012 show, and I am no different.  But the the week prior, myself, my dad, our buddy Greg and his son Nick decided to take Greg's 56 Chevy up to Eagle Field to the drags...  Greg wanted to borrow my car trailer.  I told him, as a rule I don't loan out my trailer.     However, if you take me with you, I am not really loaning it out.   And there was my free ride..  That place is the vintage car guy's promised land.  No B.S., low key, flag drop and all out great time.  I will let the pictures tell the story.  We are going back in October, hopefully with some better tires, some sort of ladder bar or traction bar, and maybe a stick shift. 

These are just from Friday when we pulled in to tech the car.  Saturday and Sunday, the place was packed..